Social Media Management

Five of the ten most trafficked websites on the Internet are social media.

Americans spend an average of 3.2 hours per day on social networks.

91% of local searches say say they use Facebook to find local businesses online.

With each passing day, social media carves out a bigger and bigger portion of the Internet. What started out as a way to share funny cat videos and uncle Bob’s meatloaf recipe has morphed into an invaluable business tool for connecting with current and future customers. People are already talking about your company on social networks. Are you going to join the conversation, or let it move on without you?

Social media provides the unique ability to connect with your customers. Its not enough to throw up a Facebook page and occasionally send out promotional notices. You need to be actively managing your social accounts. You must avoid the urge to populate your feed solely of your own content. Instead, you should apply the 80/20 rule by seeking out compelling material that your audience will want to comment on and share with their followers. You want to regularly update your social networks to cultivate a dedicated readership and allow your brand the opportunity to further its reach.

At our sister company SoundOut social media, we help businesses get the most out of their social media presence. Every company has different needs. Some come to us wanting an outsourced solution for managing their social media while others have the internal resources, but need to develop an effective campaign for success. We offer both social media management and consulting services for our clients.

We can help you setup your social accounts, audit your website it increase its social sharing capabilities, actively monitor mentions of your brand on the web and provide monthly reports to profile how your social accounts are improving over time. Our management plans start at just $300 per month so regardless of your budget we have an option for you.

Find out how social media can help grow your business.