Online Advertising Management

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords.

Online marketing, including PPC ads, is 54% successful at generating leads versus 1% for local TV advertising.

In 2014, 72% of Google Adwords marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets.

Source: Slideshare

The quickest way to get traffic to your website right now is through paid online advertising. Pay Per Click, otherwise known as PPC, allows you to cut to the front of the line in the search results. Advertising space rests at the top and the right side of every search run through Google, Bing as well as embedded throughout social media networks.

Since you are pushing down those hard earned organic search results, you have to pay for the right to talk to your potential customer from that prime real estate. Every time a customer clicks on your ad, you agree to pay Google a fixed amount for that visitor. It could be as little as 10 cents per click or it could be north of $50 depending on how competitive that term is to the advertisers that are gunning for it. Hint: I hope you aren’t trying to do anything in insurance, loans, mortgages or attorneys.

At Vandelay Web, we help Atlanta businesses, as well as those across the nation, to maximize their online advertising dollars. Not all ads are created equal. If users naturally gravitate to a particular ad, Google and the other search providers charge you less for that click. We make it our mission to fine tune your ads until they are as effective as humanly possible. We routinely see clients getting double the traffic for the same advertising spend two to three months into an Adwords campaign.

We make heavy use of split testing to evaluate ads that are working over those that aren’t. We regularly ditch the underperforming ads and take elements from the successful ad to craft a new one. Over time, we develop some of the most effective ads for the keywords in question. We also watch what keywords users are clicking on. If they are stumbling into your website on a completely unrelated term, we add those flags to your negative keywords list so you aren’t paying for dud traffic in the future.

We are also big proponents of remarketing. It can take a customer up to seven touches before they buy. You can get that customer back to your website through remarketing. By placing a cookie on the user’s browser when they visit your website, you can have your ads pop up across the web on authoritative channels like CNN and ESPN. This extremely targeted advertising translates into higher ROI since it doesn’t take much to nudge them to the sale. You’ve already done the heavy lifting to get the customer to your website. Let remarketing bring them back to close the deal.

We charge a flat 15% of the ad budget to manage your campaign for maximum effectiveness. Setup a free consultation today so we can discuss your digital advertising needs.

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