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Setting the Default Value of a select kendo-drop-down-list

I always dread dealing with the Kendo controls. They always seem to make the most basic things so friggin’ complicated. Today, I needed to add a new drop down list to an existing Kendo popup. While I had done it before using something like this: <select kendo-drop-down-list id="selectedElement" name="selectedElement" k-ng-model="selectedEle" k-data-text-field="’name’" k-data-value-field="’value’" k-data-source="availableElements" validationMessage="Enter an […]


Sending ASP.NET Emails Through Godaddy with Gmail & Godaddy Hosted

I’ve been lulled into a cushy existence of late, doing a lot of work within the confines of WordPress. Pop in the Contact Form 7 plugin, setup the page and magically email is flowing from your site into your inbox. Ah, its a beautiful thing. Once you leave the tranquil kingdom of WordPress and its […]